For me the happiest time is when I am in and recording Nature whether is as a photographer for as a painter. I love to be in the countryside experiencing and trying go capture the beauty, colours and magic of Nature in my unique and distinctive style. I am pleased and would like to include an introduction to my work by the respected Cypriot Painter Aristotelis Demetriou.

“A real artist, is the one who has the courage to see the world through his own eyes” said once by the Greek painter Yiannis Tsarouhis. I believe that this saying perfectly matches the paintings of Derek Harris. Derek has shown us a new way to see things. Derek Harris has been courageous enough to paint images that we got used to and we pass by without actually seeing, such as the Rock Of the Greek (Petra tou Romiou) which have been photographed countless times and printed on postcards, through his own eyes, in an original, true and unique way. The originality and endless imagination of the artist are even more obvious when he paints  different versions of the same subject. Each time, he puts us in a different world, made of colourful sounds submerged in feelings and spirituality. His compositions have been well thought of. The curves and straight lines are placed in an orderly manner. A close relationship unites the shapes and colours. The surface of the painting plays a role of effective depth. Every form takes its position in space through the correct dimensions and contrasts of warm and cold colours. These clear shapes and colours used in wise proportions, reach their destination passing through feelings, beyond their pictorial representation. An invisible maestro orchestrates this vibrating polyphony of colours and shapes, in an aesthetic outcome full of light. An unworldly light, which excludes calm and subtle feelings. The creation of a work of art is the creation a world. Derek has created his own world. A world which expresses the essence of the artist’s stimuli both in a natural and metaphysical dimension. Derek’s paintings make us travel in this world of feelings, spirituality and gratitude for life.”

Aristotelis. Demetriou